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3dex provides advanced technology, marketing solutions and brand awareness, with the help of AI, for all commercial and non-commercial organizations to increase engagement and enhance connection with their clients.

why 3dex

Why 3dex?

We are a group of seasoned scientists, engineers, developers, and marketers who develop and execute software projects from ideation to execution. Our approach to each project leads with the company's vision in mind. We then design a roadmap using organizational methods and IT business strategies to achieve the vision. We build foundations to support each unique scenario and requirements to ensure high-performance, reliability, security, and user-friendly qualities.

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Each project starts with an idea. Depending on the situation, we either use “outside-in” or “inside-out” methods for ideation. In “outside-in,” we analyze societal needs and wants carefully, and then we conceive solutions to resolve problems. In “inside-out,” we take the opposite approach instead of creating innovative products that enhance people’s lives.

Strategic Information
systems planning

We excel in creating strategic information systems platforms that have a significant impact on society and people’s lives. We always try to identify societal problems people deal with on a daily basis and custom tailor an innovative and dynamic solution to solve them.

Business, Organizational,
and IT Strategy Design

We are well-versed in creating and defining a business strategy to realize a business vision. We also define organizational and IT strategies to support that business strategy in terms of managing organizational capabilities to execute business strategy, and IT capabilities to accelerate the business processes.

Enterprise Architecture Design

Change is inevitable, but it's not always easy. Change and transformation can be very expensive when it comes to technology. But, given our ever-changing society, we must continually update and innovate to keep up with social and technological advances.

Consulting and
C-Level Coaching

Usually, the CEO defines a business vision and creates strategies to realize it. A CIO, on the other hand, identifies strategic information that people need to execute the strategy. A CTO also identifies technologies to carry information determined by CIO to people to do their jobs.

Software systems and
mobile app development

Using a capable and seasoned team of experts and cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, we handle full lifecycle development of mobile apps and software systems from analysis, to design, development, testing, and finally, deployment.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our Mission

To create advanced technology and marketing solutions from ideation to reality that will create long-term value for all commercial and non-commercial organizations and their clients.

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